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Arbore Perfume Atelier



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NOTES: White Rose, Bulgarian Damask Rose, May Rose

Well, now! What can top the queen of flowers? Our Rose botanical solid perfume is indeed intensely feminine, a cutesy and giggly, no-holds-barred sultry and dreamy rich single note.

An simple and effective olfactory phrase akin to a love poem on the skin, Rose is everything we always suspected an "aphrodisiac" fragrance based on the hidden feminine power could be. Featuring a sumptuous bouquet of wonderfully lush rose petals, held together by a sweet, sultry, fleshy aroma, this is a gorgeous and richly textured scent that feels sensuous, disarming and romantic but also reveals an intensely potent rush for those who prefer a bit of grit with their glamor. Like hearing the soft reassuring whispers of the beauty goddess herself, this is a playful, singular and extremely carnal perfume. In this lavish boudoir lost to time, a mistress tints red her soft lips and soothes her skin waiting for her lover to arrive. Swooning pheromones floating in the air and mixing with the smell of jammy roses and an ethereal feeling of unnamed pleasures to come. Rose is a declaration of love for all women, captured in a solid fragrance.

 Think of your solid perfume compact like a lip balm. To apply, glide two fingers across the compact to warm up the wax and pick up just the right amount of fragrance. Then, dab your fingers gently on to your pulse points (wrists, neck, and behind the ears), just as you would liquid perfume. The warmth of your skin will help retain the scent and keep you smelling divine all day long.

All full size fragrances come in a 10 grams (.3 oz) aluminum tin and luxury pillow box. Mini size perfumes contain a maximum of 2 grams and come in a screw top plastic clear container. Single use tester sets are rice grain size product samples packaged in grease proof wax paper. 

Small batch + handcrafted and individually packaged
100% Clean Botanical Perfumes: non-toxic, vegan, phthalate free, alcohol free, paraben free and cruelty free.                                                                         
Female Founded & Family Run                                                                     
Please store in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight, water or moisture.
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