A small studio perfume(r) with a big heart

Arbore Perfume Atelier is an artisan fragrance studio that aims to make perfume feel good, not only on your skin, but in your heart and in your mind too!

My name is Alexandra Saceanu, Alex for short, and this shop is truly a dream come true, a natural extension of my artistic drive.
Twelve years ago, I've developed a "three ingredient only" natural skin care line, which put me on the long and fascinating journey towards becoming an artisan botanical perfumer. 
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I’m a proud single mom, baking enthusiast and you've guessed it...a perfume maven! Quite frankly, pure botanicals and floral notes can become dangerous weapons when surrendered to my whim. Designing fragrances and popularizing the art of natural perfumery has been my wicked thrill for quite a while now and although I’m starting a new chapter in the USA, it is the old continent where my part of my heart will always reside. Home is Romania, and it's where I developed my taste for botanical alchemy and clean compositions stemming from this land’s deep rooted tradition in myth and nature.
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“Arbore” means tree in Latin (and Romanian) and symbolizes life, origin stories, connections, evolution and, of course, nature. I’ve always been attracted to the purity of raw ingredients and rare scents as well as to the concept of clean beauty and a healed planet we’d be proud to hand over to the next generation.

All fragrance is meant to transport us to somewhere surprising and new...but how about creating a familiar, ever-recurring, intimate sensations and sweet memories?
I believe that pure botanicals harbor the gift of doing just that ...to whisk us away to a secret corner of this imaginative world, a magical place where the limited and unlimited merge into a unique scent that is born from Earth but is powerful enough to pierce Heaven's door.
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As an independent olfactive designer, I like to think that my creativity is not bound by any constraints. I will continually be writing a number of sensory adventures in which botanical ingredients are, naturally, heroes and gods - and where every artistic scent creation is an opulent and addictive thrill which celebrates tenacious beauty and reminds us of the powerful emotions that a sensual and unforgettable scent can command.
I formulate, hand pour, package and ship all my fragrances from my studio in Tucson, Arizona, as part of an ever expanding community of small independent local artists called 'Many Hands Cooperative".    
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So take a virtual stroll around my positivity and happy vibes concocting lab and choose whatever fragrance makes you tick based on your personality and heart’s desire. Because wearing the right perfume is not just about trends, beauty and fashion. It’s an underestimated form of well being. It’s art. It’s therapy. It’s pure joy.