Hand crafted. Pure. Exhilarating.

Natural, minimalistic fragrance that blends in with the skin, evoking raw emotions and creating beautiful memories.


Formulated, hand crafted and individually packaged with love in Tucson AZ (ASMR version)

  • A one woman shop

    I take great care with each and every product, from formulation to development to production, labeling, and delivery, and I’m delighted to have you as a part of this very personal journey. I promise you will immediately sense how much of my heart goes into each and every creation.

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  • Pure, organic ingredients

    Wax, oil, essential oils, absolutes and extracts. Flowers, grasses, spices, fruit, wood, roots, resins, balsams, leaves and gums. Every ingredient I use is pure, natural, unadulterated. I source my raw materials from trusted suppliers from all over the world, from India to Italy and France.

  • Exclusively plant based raw materials.

    My solid botanical perfumes are made with soy, jojoba and floral wax to create a silky smooth, luxurious balm that will immediately melt into your skin. I do not use beeswax, honey, ambergris, castorueum, civet, hyraces or any other ingredients sourced or derived from animals.

  • Naturally stable ingredients

    Soy wax and jojoba oil are historically known as some of the most stable botanical ingredients available for perfumers. They are shelf stable, completely odorless and resistant to oxidation. If kept in the right conditions, away from moisture and extreme heat, your solid perfume may last for up to 10 years.

  • Exclusively sourced in nature

    All waxes, oils, extracts, floral waxes, absolutes and isolates I sourced are certified to be 100% pure and unadulterated. You will often find notes such as jasmine, rose or neroli in your favorite commercial perfumes but they are never natural. My line of perfumes is meant to create as pure as an experience as possible, bringing you closer to nature with every application.

  • Can synthetic materials be safe?

    Absolutely. Commercial perfumes are highly regulated and tested, and it is not my goal to scare anyone away from their favorite bottle of perfume. My intention is to offer a niche and exclusive experience, a clear, intimate, pure encounter with some of the most fascinating and captivating natural scents in their purest, cleanest form.